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REACH Consulting creates success by educating our clients on how to integrate technology into their everyday business, optimizing their operations with a focus on increasing profitability. Here is an example of such an optimization - through the introduction of RFDIs.

Traditional Project Information Sharing


Traditional Project Information Sharing



  • Email and 2D printed PDFs are the current methods of communication when constructing a building.
  • This is the most inefficient way to communicate while working on what will become a 3D structure. 100% of RFIs happen when a mistake is made due to poor communication.
  • The new method of communication for constructing a building is a Request for Design Information (RFDI) This is the most efficient way to communicate, and allows those working on a project to collaborate in a live, virtual 3D environment.
  • RFDIs that are identified and resolved in the design phase, eliminate the need for RFIs and the resulting loss of revenue during the construction phase.


  • When an RFI is created the overall time required to read and understand the impact can take hours. Resolving an RFI could add weeks to the project schedule, which affects all other project milestones – which is incredibly inefficient and can have financial consequences.
  • The right software and a well-trained team can identify and resolve RFDIs in minutes.


  • On average, an RFI costs $1000 for the project team to review it.
  • Most companies inflate their budgets to cover the cost of change orders caused by incomplete designs and poor communication.
  • On average, an RFDI costs 90% less than RFIs and resulting change orders.
  • This increases the profitability of every project where companies adapt their workflow to include RFDIs.

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Our Services

Our services are customized; we are business solution specialists who work to understand your unique business needs by providing a bridge between human and software communication. We develop material to support your teams and help you achieve success.

Virtual collaboration can affect every department in your organization, and with buy-in across the board, the results you will see from these results customized to your unique business needs.

We have broken down our services into the most commonly requested groups:

  • Virtual Collaboration Training
  • BIM Theory, Beyond BIM Training
  • Software Training
  • Software Support Subscription
  • 3D Modelling
  • Project and Communication Management

Our Team


Justin James, Founder & CEO

Justin has been in our industry for over 25 years and lectured on three continents. Having climbed the ranks after his apprenticeship in the UK from BSE engineer, to lead coordinator and then to project management, he took his skills from the UK to Australia in the late 90’s. He moved to Canada in 2009 running & co-writing the 1st BIM (Building Information Modelling) 101 sessions. After establishing a reputation in the industry, REACH was founded in 2013 providing virtual collaboration education as part of the shift in industry process. Now REACH has broadened its services to encompass all virtual fields, business development and process change. As a post-Executive Director of aceBIM, Justin still volunteers with this association. His passion is in education and providing a new generation of engineers to enhance the industries future, making them the new leaders in infrastructure design through new collaborative and technological methods. His vision: To make a difference. His belief: To not evolve education is not evolving us!


Lisa Zederayko, Staff & Client Development

Lisa, (B.Sc), has formal leadership and teamwork training. With a military background and 9 years in environmental consulting, coordinating and directing teams are skills she began to hone early in her career. Lisa also recruited for permanent placements in a variety of industries. With REACH, she is involved in client relations, and staff development and recruitment.


Linnea Stecyk, Global Administrator

Linnea Stecyk is our Global Administrator, and is in charge of organizing our offices as we expand. She has a varied background to different business sectors including metal work, lumber treatment and sales, equipment operation and management, and the transport industry. After completing her Business diploma at NAIT she applied her skills to office management, human relations, technical and soft skills for customer and staff relations, as well as operation controls


Tammy D-Bos, Marketing Director

Tammy is proud to bring over 35 years of diverse marketing experience to REACH-Consulting. Her background includes managing & growing a local Tourism company, moving into the Corporate sector with ATB Financial in Community Investment, advancing into media at CORUS Radio as their Marketing Director. Founding, coordinating a ladies motorcycle club, as well as executing & watching growth within her career is her passion!


Hunter Etherington, Education Specialist

Hunter graduated from NAIT with a diploma in Architectural Technology. He previously worked as a Designer, Project Manager, and Estimator for Norlab Laboratory Systems working with different levels of clients. This is where his experience with the need for clear and proper communication came from. Hunter has had a a life long love of learning, and loves to share that knowledge.


Wes Clark, Education Specialist

Wes’ Construction Company saw the need to Supply the Clients with Designs, Construction Documents, Permits, Project Management, which added his Desire to study Arch. Technology at SAIT. Visual Components took Complication out of any project. As a Contract Designer he utilized REVIT, AutoCAD, Mitek Sapphire, CSD IStruct Engineering while being Eco friendly, Certified with Geothermal Energy Product


Jad Jureidini, Education Specialist

Jad got his Bach. of Arch. in Chicago (2013), then an MSc in Construction Management in Edmonton (2017) before joining REACH. He continues to hone his skills in digital design, including with Revit, 3DS Max, and other BIM platforms. His background with BIM has given him a proficiency in 3D modelling, which he still practices, with passion. A passion he brings to the REACH team!


Viveca O'Connor, Education Specialist

Viv studied at NAIT to achieve her Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma with a co-op and honors designation. Her co-op terms were spent as a material tester at P.Machibroda and at Stantec as a structural technologist. Viv continued working at Stantec drafting Structural and Architectural design in Revit and AutoCAD. Some projects she worked on include Sherwood Park Mall, Grey Nun's OR and Calgary Cancer Center.


Aaron Schneider, Education Specialist

Aaron Schneider has over 18 years of experience in the construction industry, focused primarily on mechanical and electrical scopes. He began his career as a tradesman and has progressively transitioned his role through estimating, drafting, contract administration, and project management with some of Canada’s leading contractors. Aaron brings his first- hand trade experience to the REACH Team and combines this with his passion for constant improvement and creative innovation, leading the industry toward new and exciting solutions to your traditional pain-points.