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Virtual Collaboration (VC) Training

Through business analysis, workflow assessment, and bespoke curriculum development, REACH delivers teams into more efficient and less costly work units, but providing tools, and the best practises on how to incorporate them into day to day tasks as a team. We use your current projects, to provide zero production downtime. This is our most influential training that we provide, and it is all hand tailored to your company, from a single team, or the entire organization.

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Project and Communication Management

Project Management – We can assign to you a dedicated Project Manager or Communication Manager to lead your team for the duration of your project to ensure best practises and communication are taken care of for you.

Our approach is to learn and mold your project management team to be self-sufficient, and operating more productively as soon as possible. We offer to facilitate the whole process on your initial test project, BUT we would expect you to be running on your own two feet by the second! We are not in the business to continually teach the same processes over and over! That would be a complete waste of your money and our time.

We have found that our best success stories are based on our unique approach. Our clients come to realize quickly, that they are being taught directly and indirectly every step of the way. We are constantly checking your skill levels and offering guidance, keeping you on track to become BIM leaders in your field.

Project Team Partnering / Facilitating – We ensure you are all iron strong, by partnering your team at the very beginning of the project. We introduce all of our services into the project environment as soon as possible and provide a forum for everyone to speak. Everyone gets heard and everyone contributes. Buy in is essential for the success of any project from both your internal team as well as your external team players.any project from both your internal team as well as your external team players.

BIM Execution Planning – Start with the end in mind. With every new process comes a new set of rules. Once your team partnering sessions have begun, you will soon discover the voices in your team and all discussions will need to be tracked. New rules/guidelines occur and there is no better place for these than an Execution Plan. We look at the deliverables first and work backward, this helps manage the following:

  • Level of BIM integration
  • Model expectations and outcomes
  • Defining collaboration methods
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Technology needs
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BIM Theory, Beyond BIM Training

We provide motivational BIM presentations for companies of all sizes and disciplines. We facilitate understanding of this way of data collection and go beyond what BIM is, but its purpose as a language platform to collaborate. This is a great starting point for companies that are not currently using BIM internally, and seamlessly transitions into our industry-leading VC Training

Motivational BIM Presentations – Change is healthy for growth. We are experienced in speaking about BIM at every level; we run regular seminars at companies of all size and discipline, no two presentations have ever been the same! This is the introduction session and we feel that it is essential to get as many people from your company to attend. We do, of course, run more intimate sessions for upper management, but always with the view to present to the masses later.

It’s not all about new software! We’ve found that moving into the BIM environment can be quite the shock for a company. To reduce this we use a combination of your existing workflows, new methods and a compromise between the technology and systems you use today, to ease the transition for new technology for tomorrow. We believe in the ’no waste policy’, Microsoft Excel/Access is BIM software in our eyes, so where we can, we integrate your existing programs. For new BIM Transition Services programs, we have new training methods.

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Software Training

We can provide software specific training for a range of users in a number of software in our own training facility or yours.

Company tailored education in:

  • 3DS MAX
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Powerpoint
    • Outlook

Our primary software are Autodesk and Microsoft products, but if your requirements fall outside of these categories, simply ask!

Software Support Subscription

Our support team is here for you! Sign for a monthly, yearly, or ad-hoc subscription, and receive telephone support for your software headaches or concerns.

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3D Modelling

Our team can also provide 3D Modelling support for your investor meetings, client meetings, or projects. All we need is a set of your drawings, and we can produce a 3D model and/or animation for you.??

Projects will be quoted based on complexity.

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